Friday, October 08, 2004

The Power of Positive Blogging

Hello, everyone. I'm in L.A. now. Everyone here is so freaking nice. Inexpensive, nutritious food is abundant at the myriad Trader Joe's locations. One way streets are a rarity, so if you miss your destination, it's really easy to circle the block and catch it again. You can wake up at 10 AM and sometimes baseball is already on.

Oh, and while driving out here, I SAW A FUCKING TORNADO. I visited the Grand Canyon as well, and had a lovely birthday dinner in Santa Fe, but more importantly I SAW A FUCKING TORNADO. Pictures are currently being developed.

It's interesting. I came out here with no Xbox in tow, and have been writing ten hours a day. The streets are clean, and the roof of our sublet is open for human usage. I can take a beer up there and work on outlines, with palm trees, the Hollywood hills, and smog picturesquely surrounding me. John Kerry is surging. Watching him debate Monkeyman is an absolute pleasure. The Red Sox (my surrogate rooting interest once the Mets fall out of contention) look invincible. I feel like the world is a place where good can truly prevail and hard work is rewarded.

Why don't I just move here?


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