Friday, September 17, 2004

RE: Out of the office and possessed by Demons

To my fellow co-workers:

I will be out of the office on Thursday, September 16th visiting Amityville, NY and the site of the Defeo Family massacre - the notoriously possessed house which inspired the Amityville Horror. I am reachable on my cellphone though I am not sure how great the service is going to be out in suburban Long Island. Also, if I do not return to work on Friday assume I am recovering from possession and will be taking a sick day. Thanks!

No, really. I did go to Amityville. And I did send a similar memo to my co-workers thinking that'd be a funny thing to say to them. And I think one person responded fairly neutrally. But I was excited. Work is good when it is weird -when you are paid to go on adventures. You see, I'm working on doing a shoot of the actual house depicted in The Amityville Horror for a promo for the movies on my channel. They changed the address of the house - which legend has it is the place where the eldest son in the Defeo family murdered his parents and siblings and where subsequent owners, the Lutzes were haunted and forced to leave - to avoid tourists and nosy people like myself parked out in front of their house, filming the facade with impunity. To make my pilgrimage, I had to do some research on the internet for confirmed and up to date directions. The main thing to remember is the house in the movie is actually a location in New Jersey and thusly, the house in real life - which has also been remodeled - has little resemblance with the movie. My thoughts on the scouting trip were as follows:

1) The town of Amityville - rife with strip malls and potpourri scented restaurants - is creepier than the house.
2) Long Island is confusing. Ben - copilot and certified exorcist - and I had to take the LIE to Southern State Parkway to Wantagh Parkway to Sunrise Highway. It was a different universe. Cats and Dogs were living together. I think the Sun was setting in the east. It was weird.
3) The sound of wind - as captured through the camera mic on my digital camera - is a very unpleasant sound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went by that house once (I was buying vintage adidas at the sunrise mall in '93). It still had the two arched windows in the attic (windows that still haunt me to this day). Tell me if they're still there:

10:53 AM  
Blogger Casimir said...

They're remodeled the front of the house so the windows you remember are much less menacing. Plus, there are some friendly trees in the yard out front. Blooming Nature often takes the edge off Satanic energy.

12:03 PM  

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