Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Random List of Things & People I Hate

1. Having too much milk in my cereal (and yet it's a mistake I constantly make).
2. Gary Sinise, even before I found out he's campaining for Bush.
3. Vin Diesel once he started buying his own hype.
4. Loud groups of teenagers that feel the need to make a show of their conversations when in public.
5. Waking up from any nap that begins after nightfall.
6. The smell of malt vinegar when served with fish and chips.
7. People who answer their cellphones in movies and proceed to have conversations.
8. The rise of punditry and the corresponding death of hard news.
9. People behind me who honk right when the light turns green.
10. Any song Little John has been involved in.

Stay tuned for a random list of things I appreciate.


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