Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Go Yankees!

Well, go some Yankees... at least. Yeah! Hmmm.

All right, I'll just root for the Yankees who remain from the '96 World Series winning team.
Bernie. Jeter. Posada (was he around then? it might just have been Girardi) Mariano.

But the Twins are so likable.
And I feel bad for the Red Sox.
And the Mets were just so much hungrier this year (though their late season collapse was tough to enjoy)

Plus, the Yankees just spent SO MUCH money this year - a staggering amount.

Yet, wait, it could also be argued Steinbrenner wanted to win that much more - that he would spare no expense to field a team of all-stars.

But with no young stars coming up from the minors, how can you root for a team of freelancing or victory-buying veterans?

Yet Matsui is an interesting player, enacting a charming stoicism that gives way to glee when pressed by his admiring teammates. I've got to give them Matsui. Okay, if I can name 9 players on the Yankees I like, then I'm a Yankees fan.
Let's see:

Jeter, Bernie, Mariano, Posada, Matsui.
Ruben Sierra! In a long line of sensible trades and pick-ups, Sierra gets points for clutch hitting and twilight of his career redemption. He was one of the only players to come through in the World Series last year. Good for him.
Which reminds me: John Olerud. Johnny Hardhat. Takes the train to the stadium (at least he did with The Mets) and wears his helmet in the field because his mom wants him to. Done. Seven.
Right. Right. It's obvous. El Duque. He throws the Eeephus. He fought sharks on his way to America. He returns to the Yankees and basically escorts them to the Pennant after being written off by the Expos of all teams. The wind-up. He's extremely easy to root for. Eight.
Nine... Nine... Well, I'd like to say Mussina. But I can't. I feel for him - for his one out from perfection near-perfect game that clearly continues to rattle him, for his honest evaluations of his depression after poor outings. But on a loyalty level, it's hard for me to well up any of the excitement I'd happily extend to a David Wells or David Cone. It's close. But no! Sorry, Moose.
So the ninth player... Maybe it's not a player. Is that allowed? I forget my rules. But if that's okay, I've got a 9th Yankee I like, and can even make it to 12 - just from the coaching staff.
Joe Torre.
Willie Randolph.
Luis Sojo.
Don Mattingly. Donnie Baseball. Favorite player ever. I honestly wish, when Giambi went down with his benign tumor that Donnie Baseball could have stepped in at first base. If he was in the field - I'd have a whole-hearted appreciation for their October Hunt. In fact, just thinking about good ole' Donnie Baseball on the bench for the first time puts me in a Yankees mood.
Whoop those likeable Twins.
Tweak those cursed Red Sox.
Get Donnie B his ring.
Go Yankees!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Yankees? LA's hot. Before long you'll be a Dodger or Angel. It's an easy slide. When I lived there, Lasorda had Mike Scioscia, and then Piazza. When I moved back to NY, I could deal with Wells and Irabu -- but never the Rocket! Too Republican, maybe but I never got over his plunking Piazza twice!! And now that I live in Florida, I guess I can say goodbye to all the old timers in NY and not feel bad.

You don't know me. I went to Cooper Union with your mom and dad. Met you as an infant (you were the infant), and then some years later when you were still in college. Now you're all grown up. Tom gave me your websites. Recognized you right away. You're a perfect blend of Tom and Joyce -- looks and behaviors.

Your dad taught me half the things I know about movies. The other half came from doing.

Sounds like you'll like LA. Maybe we'll talk movies one day, like I used to with your dad. Keep up the good work.

Bill Millstein,

7:54 PM  

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