Tuesday, September 21, 2004

God Bless the Triple Feature

Went to AMC 25 today and caught three talkies for the price of one. What a day at the Nickelodeon. If any readers of this blog happen to be employees of the AMC Empire 25, you might have seen a short fella wandering between floors and checking showtimes over the course of six hours... that was me!

First was the director's cut of THX-1138, a movie that many people find wildly boring, but I find thoroughly entertaining. I enjoyed the digital enhancements made (unlike Lucas's Star Wars tinkering), although they introduce a new plot inconsistency that didn't exist before. The shell dwellers that attack THX towards the end of the film have now been replaced by CGI creations, and resemble ragged monkeys with the heads of normal midgets with 1970's haircuts. That's all well and good, and decidedly creepy, but it doesn't jive with the fact that THX, SEN and company are joined by a shell dweller earlier, in the detention area. This shell-dweller remains a normal little person in a white jumpsuit. Perhaps it's implied that under his jumpsuit there is fur and a tail, but this "vintage" shell dweller walks upright, while the CGI-enhanced shell dwellers that appear later dart around on all fours. On the whole, the changes are excellent, and the fact that Lucas still embraces this rather grown-up film (replete with masturbation and packaged violence for the masses) makes me hope that there's a human being in there under all that machinery.

Garden State was fine. Some great moments, but a little too cutesy for me on the whole. For example, this exchange:

Zach Braff (to boat dude): Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!

Boat Dude: Thanks.


Boat Dude: Hey!

(longer pause, Zach waits)

Boat Dude: You too.

(Zach smiles, turns face up to the meet the falling rain)

I mean, come on. But Natalie Portman is adorable.

Last came Sky Captain. Granted, Casimir lowered my expectations a bit, but I really, REALLY enjoyed it. That's all I have to say on the matter.

I was really thirsty by the end of it all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Seth:
Please stop by the theatre. We have a little something for you. Hungry?

9:15 AM  
Blogger Will said...

Thanks for ruining THX 1138 for me. Wait, it turns out Natalie Portman is adorable? Now you ruined Garden State too! Last time I read this blog.

2:57 PM  

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