Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thomas Nozkowski on a hike

My parents and I often go hiking in the Catskills. My mom sat this one out I think because she was working on her own artwork. So while she was working on it, my dad and I got to talking about it.

As my dad says midway through the video, this isn't a set-up. This is an actual rustic junkyard with a lot of old farm/construction equipment. When you go hiking as much as my dad does, you stumble across strange outposts where people either once lived or once worked. It's not always clear why they abandoned their equipment so far from a road but a lot of the time, what I think of as a path in the woods was once a busy thoroughfare. This particular junkyard which I find much more pleasant if not a bit spookier than most junkyards, is on the way to Hidden Pond, a swimmable lake through yonder upstate New York woods.


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