Monday, July 30, 2007

Thomas Nozkowski on painting

My dad is a painter.

And I made a video of him talking about his paintings.

The echo chamber effect is courtesy of his upstate painting area for which I did not adequately prepare to supply non-booming speech. At the time, it sounded very much like a studio or a gallery to me. Without much studio context, it's hard to cut away from my dad without the sound becoming distracting.

But that's just one son's critique of how he shot a mini-portrait of his dad. Hearing him talking about his process is dope - be you related to him or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes ,
your dad is dope lucky duck
i was at Skowhegan
Summer of 2000
and he of course was a visting artist
only for a weekend or so ....

with the following resident artists:
Fred Tomasseli
Amy Sillman
Janine Antoni with Paul Ramirez Jonas
Kim Jones
and Carrie Mae Weems.
^not a bad bunch of artists

Your Dad remained the most memorable
for myself and many others young residents
even though he made a brief visit.

I couldnt connect with those "artstars"
they were so dismissive of the things
important to me. Not surprising.

The video of your dad captures his brave
self and how he is not afraid to explore, untie,
and rebuild again. The smallest sound, light,
or memory is enough to motivate him.....

The other artists at Skowhegan needed
too much to get going .... quite boring.

1:17 PM  

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