Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Film Everything

Even if you don't agree with the film everything philosophy, I recommend trying something like this:

Filming yourself in such a prone state distracts from an unpleasant procedure.

Big shoutout to my dentist and hygienist who I've been going to since I've had teeth. When I was young, I went through a cavity phase, accumulating 12 total fillings in the process. I asked my dentist once if there was anything I could do to forestall future novocaine-infused drillings. His reply: "No. Your teeth are angled in a such a way that you will end up with cavities." To be honest, I bet the interaction was a bit more grey and could have been helped by heeding their request for more flossing.

I didn't floss then but I'm starting now. I promised my hygienist I'd do it every other night. As you can see, she is not to be messed with on promises.


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