Monday, September 17, 2007

Return to The Future - Part 1

Have a look at The Future.

We made this movie a ways back - say 2003 - in the early part of the year when upstate New York was still very snowy. I had been wanting to make a movie using the cement mines in Rosendale as a backdrop. They are majestic and intimidating and in retrospect, very dangerous places to shoot videos. Giant icicles hung from the roof of the cavernous mine and occasionally just dropped down onto the rubble that had preceded the icicle's descent with a fall of its own.

We shot during the day and stayed at my parents' house in the next town over. At night, we made a second movie, thinking that the right way to honor such an excellent, unique location would be to overextend our limited time there. The upside to shooting there in the dark was you couldn't tell if there were icicles above you. But really, we were in a part of the cave where at least in the morning, there hadn't been anything hanging above us.

Needless to say, we got out with our lives.


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