Monday, April 30, 2007

The Miscellany News

I remember Cas playing me that cassette with the Lauryn Hill freestyle back in the day. It was pretty amazing. That also reminds me of the time Black Thought allowed some Poughkeepsie hecklers at a live show on the Vassar quad to come onstage and display their skills, which were almost comically lacking. Mr. Thought then followed up with a scorching (what I assume to be) freestyle that I wish I had a tape of to this day. I'm no rap aficionado, but I believe he harnessed the power of the cosmos and converted it into dark virtuoso energy which was hurled at the pretenders, flaying the flesh from their bones, leaving only tottering husks of wet, red, man-meat that soon collapsed into steaming piles of offal. Biohazard crews were alerted for the cleanup. Maybe it doesn't sound that good on tape, who knows.

I went to the zoo yesterday, fell in love with the monkeys all over again. Technically, gibbons and gorillas. Two gibbons which co-habitated with a tapir embarked on a dangerous venture to scoop bugs from the tapir's ear for snacking, one leaning from a nearby log to preform the extraction while the other appeared to hold his fur to keep him from falling. Elsewhere, two young gorillas wrestled, occasionally sprinting to the windows and drumming on the glass to the crowd's delight.

In other ventures of spectatorship, I found myself transfixed for a good twenty minutes the other day, watching a squeegee man on ninth avenue from the window of my workplace. The waiting for red lights to pounce, the angry drivers, his struggles with suddely activated wiper blades, his occasional victories... it was suddenly 1983 all over again.

And on a similar tip of iniquity/inequity, why is my local Starbucks indistinguishable from a methadone clinic at 9am on a weekday? These last two paragraphs have me skating dangerously close to the edge of 'ivory tower asshole'. Oh, I think I found my new band name!


Blogger Casimir said...

I swear that when Black Thought sonned those Poughkeepsie challengers right off the stage, they had tears in their eyes.

I don't remember a single word he freestyled but he seemed genuinely angry that they were testing him.

He conveyed that anger like a hurricane whisking away the dreams of those wannabe emcees.

7:58 AM  
Blogger clear screen said...

i remember that too! in fact, i remember it often for some reason. i don't remember the offal or the hurricane, but i do remember the roots in the middle of the "quad" (why quotes? cause quad seems like a weird word. i don't like it) and some "townie" (again, don't like it) receiving a free lesson in etiquette and demeanor.

8:24 AM  

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