Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeling Chipper

Movies seen recently:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Mood - Dumber.

Little Children. Mood - Thinking Jackie Earl Haley would make a great Rorschach, followed by glee today to read that he may very well be cast in the upcoming Watchmen movie.

Children of Men. Mood - Very impressed, mildly depressed.

I'll be posting a new comic over at the newly streamlined Great Western Comics called Rounders on at least a weekly basis. My confidence and aspirations with regards to cartooning are at an all time low, but Rounders is something that gnawed at me, so I'm trying out a format that isn't so time-consuming, is a little rough-hewn, and drops time-released nuggets of gratification rather than sequestering myself for six months to make 24 pages and then dumping on the world with fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, I also saw Grindhouse. Planet Terror was trashy fun, but Death Proof might be the end of cinema. I kid (sort of). You can't bore me for an hour with girls talking in some faint echo of Tarantino-speak and then convince me to care with a sort of kick-ass car chase in the end. Kurt Russell's Stuntman Mike character could be the basis of a great movie... he's fantastic, especially when his inner wimp gets revealed, but Death Proof isn't it.


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