Friday, January 07, 2005

Jump, Jive, and Yawn

The best thing I can take away from Ashlee Simpson's music career is how much less annoying Avril Lavigne now seems by comparison. I must also admit a certain admiration for Avril's appearance on SNL some time back, in which she displayed a stage presence I'd describe as "aggressively bored". It's hard to take my eyes off of people who clearly don't care that I'm watching them. Still, you have to sell it. There are a lot of bored rocker poseurs out there, but they try and walk the line between boredom and mental anguish. Not interested in that. I want total emotional detachment. Like Keely Smith used to have with Louis Prima. If Avril had a fat little latino bouncing around the stage doing duets with her, I'd be her biggest fan.


Blogger doctor grosz said...

Your requirements for music, Seth, have been nothing short of "unique."

Personally, I think we need to return to a state of mental anguish over being bored.

2:32 PM  

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