Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Digital November Hibernation

First of all, let me express my profound admiration for the chemists who synthesized Diet Coke with Lime. I generally hate diet soft drinks, but I can't get enough of this stuff. It's worth even the 30 seconds of chemical-induced dementia it seems to induce post-ingestion.

I've been lax about posting, mostly due to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the new crop of basketball videogames. Gaming is a hobby I try and keep under control, but the torrent of excellent November releases is now a yearly tradition that beats me into submission. I hole up. Can't be helped.

Being generally unemployed has at least allowed me to mitigate my game-playing with large chunks of creative activity. I'm making good progress with my home recordings, and am working on a comic project with Will Carlough (see sidebar links) that will catapult us to fame and pastrami sandwiches. We are like Siegel and Schuster, sketching on pieces of wallpaper in a drafty tenement, only we have ipods, wacom tablets, and central heating.

I'm now signed up with three temp agencies and one catering company, so my free time may not be so free from here on in. Pray for me. I don't like elevators, or offices above the 20th floor. I'm writing to you today from an assignment on the 16th floor. Phew! Close one.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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