Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Very Slowly and not that surely

I recently developed a newfound ability to really suck at posting with any regularity. I honed the skill, polished it and finally unleashed it on Nerdcake - pulling up the blog window, staring at it, writing something clumsy and passing out before I had a chance to post it. It's been fun not posting in the same way that a farmer enjoys a drought-ridden harvest. But complaining about not posting is maybe worse than just keeping quiet. So let's end the excuses here.

Let's turn our attention to self-promotion instead. I don't know if you've ever looked over the links to the right there but the one called Thrillomedy is my personal website. Eagerly perhaps you clicked on it, looking forward to some reverence for Gremlins 2 or perhaps Arachnaphobia. Alas, you discovered it for what it has been for some time: a cluttered main page with broken links abounding. Now, I can't do anything about the clutter with my affinity for roughshod, inexperienced design nor can I give you a better explanation for the name save the appeal that genre-merging movies and stories hold for me. But I can at least say that 2 - that's right a whole TWO - of the features of the page are at least semi-off and running.

1) Movies

2) Scripts

A little bit of explanation: The Movies page is basically an assortment of Graham Avenue Films FILMS that I directed, in some cases wrote and in all cases made with a lot of really talented people. That page links to the Regret Films page which have some movies a little lower on the production value totem pole and usually made a little further back but close to my heart nonetheless.

A little more explanation: The Scripts page is something still in its prototype phase. I have some scripts for movies that I will probably never make - not always but occasionally because they are not that good and/or not that complete. Mostly, they're just a little impractical to put into production with my current financial wherewithal. One script - Glass - involves a glass elevator that gets flooded with water and shattered by overzealous firemen in a crowded atrium-style mall. I'm saving my pennies but that particular stunt seems a ways off. Still, I like that script and all the scripts up there and want people to read them and if they really, really like them or like something in them, take them and make them or incorporate elements into their own screenplays - hence the name Open Source Screenplays. I can't say I wouldn't like a little credit if one of these screenplays gets made by someone (film students? producer? puppeteer?) but I don't want to presume any of them will go that far. For now, I'd just be thrilled if people nosed through one or two and maybe laughed at a joke.

Making websites - while not my forte - is a lot of fun with Photoshop/Image Ready. I recommend exploring that software even if my efforts don't immediately inspire.

Stay tuned for more stuff happening at Thrillomedy soon. And thank you for listening. Happy Holidays!


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