Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

From this morning:

Scott E.: Thank you. How may I assist you?
Seth B.: I'd like to cancel my efax account.
Scott E.: I'm sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your fax account. Please give me a moment while I quickly check your account in our records. In the meanwhile, may I ask why you are canceling your fax account?
Seth B.: I'm now the owner of an actual fax machine, so I no longer need the service.
Scott E.: We do understand that you currently do not use the service because you will be using a fax machine. However, you can use it in tandem with your fax machine, for sending and receiving faxes in times of emergency or if there are any problems with your fax machine.
Scott E.: Since you are one of our valued customers, in the current situation as a special consideration, we will provide you with an exclusive offer and we will, reduce the monthly fee from $12.95 per to $4.95. This will help you to send and receive faxes using your local fax number.
Seth B.: Thank you, but I'll pass.
Scott E.: I have checked your account in our records and have found that you have signed up for the eFax service on 11/15/2004, wherein the first 30 days there is no monthly fee charged($12.95), plus the one time activation fee of $12.95 has also been waived off. You can always get back to us at the end of your trial period, if you still then do not find much use for this account. I suggest that you do give our service a shot. It could prove to be useful to you.
Scott E.: You already have a gift credit balance of $3.90 which means you can send up to 39 fax pages free of cost. As a goodwill gesture to continue our association I will offer you an additional gift balance of $5.00 which will enable to send up to 50 additional fax pages free of cost. This means you can send up to 89 fax pages free of cost.
Seth B.: No thank you, please cancel.
Scott E.: Seth, you can at least use this service till the end of the 30 day free trial period. After completion of the trial period, if you feel that the fax number does not serve your purpose, you can get back to us immediately without any further obligation to stay back. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
Scott E.: We respect your decision to cancel your account now. As you wish, I will cancel your account now.
Seth B.: Thanks, Scott!


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