Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Grief + Regret + Suicide = Funny!

A ways back I mentioned a movie which Will wrote (in less than 3 hours), I directed (with a sleep-deprived mushbrain and TONS of support from Pete Fonda and Ian Savage) and many fine people (Hannah Bos, Benjamin Ellis Fine, Celeste Balducci, Paul Thureen, Diana Little, Sydney Maresca, Kayla Graffam) created for the NYC Midnight 2004 24 Hour Filmmaking contest. It took the grand prize amidst many other excellent films and certainly galvanized our blossoming filmmaking company. What's next? Another short? A feature? Many features? Rehab? We're working on it.

Till then, please jump on over to Will's website and take a look at Welcome Back.


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