Sunday, January 16, 2005

I forget why I'm mad.

He who has a subscription to Entertainment Weekly should never cast the first stone.

But here I am, shaking my head at the people who write letters to the magazine - usually about the generally provocative picture on the cover. After a recent issue with a nekkid Lindsay Lohan gracing its front, a flurry of letters seem to have been sent into the magazine condemning or condoning the choice to disrobe and photograph her. In reading these missives, I found myself wondering why people would ever write into a magazine about something like that. I mean, first you have to decide that your offended sensibilities are worth rendering physically, type it out, put it in an envelope, walk it out to the mailbox and with at least one stamp on it, send it off. Seems like an awful lot of work to say something worthless. Don't these people have any counter-impulses that stop them from writing things like that during one of these many steps? A letter to the NY Times or a - let's see - comment on a blog seems to make some kind of sense: either you have a well-thought out opinion you wish to share or in the case of a blog, it takes about five seconds and seems in the spirit of the rant-flavored forum. But writing to a magazine like EW about the offensive nature of their cover choice? Who cares! Essentially, writing to a magazine and/or sending in a letter to complain about sex/violence on a TV channel seem of the same pointless family. Just stop reading or watching it. Are you so arrogant that you think your opinion on a magazine's taste is worth knowing to anyone outside your circle of watchdog friends?

I was going to draw a parallel between these people and the people at lectures who ask questions like: Is the character in your movie based on you? But... it's pretty likely they write/say these things for the reason unto itself of being published - attention. In which case, I guess it's fine. Now that I look at this post, it's pretty clear we're not that far afield. We all just want attention and what's wrong with trying to get it. I just don't like people being outraged. But then... why am I complaining?

I was looking at the EW letters page and I got what I deserved.

Posts are much more fun when you come full-circle.

Also, check out Aaron Hill. I know he's my blogmate but Sethy B has got scary good musical talent.


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