Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thoughts on Work - Part 1

What concerns me about work is that people think that since we're co-workers they can talk to me while I'm sitting on the toilet. I mean, not to be graphic, but it takes a level of chutzpah I don't possess to yell a greeting, make a funny joke or ask a question to someone heading into a stall.

"Hey Cas, you in there?"
"Uh. Yeah."
"How are we doing on that script?"
"Uh. Pretty good."
"Well, when you're done in here, come over to my desk and we can rap about it."

"Uh. Yeah."
"Catch the game last night?"
"No. Uh."

And if there's some noise or odor emitted from said stall, it takes a real gentleman to yell something like:

"Nice one!"
"Boo yeah!"
"Yikes, is that you?"
"Free lunch, huh?"
"Settle down in there!"
"Taking a shit, huh, bro?"

I think what it comes down to is, I don't like talking to people when I'm in the bathroom AT ALL. In an office where cubicles ensure I'll never have one second of privacy, can't I achieve some measure of peace when faced with the consequences of eating chili for lunch?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was little my best cousin and i would accompany each other into bathroom and tell each other stories. one would go into the bathtub (dressed) and close the curtain while the other sat on the commode. it was a very sweet set up as it honed our story-telling skills and entertained the pooper. perhaps you should have your co-workers do the same. -ss

8:38 PM  
Blogger Casimir said...

I doubt my co-workers would tell very interesting stories without the confessional aspect of the bathtub "safespace." A corporate bathroom is not conducive to supportive and inspiring storytelling. Alas.

12:13 PM  

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