Thursday, October 28, 2004

Winter in L.A.

I drive back to NYC on Monday. I miss it so.

Today I did background work on Boston Legal. I've never done background work before, but it's pretty clear that you're the lowest of the low, on set. We had to wait for the Mexican day laborers to eat before we could scavenge the cold cuts. Actually, I'm kidding. Everyone was very nice, and I had cream of tomato soup, a hardboiled egg and a Dr. Pepper. Craft Services was wide open to us. What kind of doctor was Dr. Pepper, to make a beverage so tasty but so very bad for your teeth? At least it's not called Dentist Pepper. That would be misleading. Was real pepper ever an ingredient of Dr. Pepper? Sort of like cocaine was to Coca-Cola?

I'm very excited about the resurgence of William Shatner, but sadly he was nowhere to be seen. Instead we got a full helping of James Spader and Henry Gibson (of Laugh-In and Magnolia fame). Watching Spader work, my thoughts would often drift to Holly Hunter tearing open her shirt and masturbating after she and Spader knocked bumpers in Crash.

There was also a gentlemen playing a slum lord who I was convinced was the black guy from Full Metal Jacket... you know, "too boku." I had an opportunity to ask him on the way to the studio cafe, but felt weird asking him if he was that guy with the big cock who the Vietnamese hooker was afraid of. After some subsequent IMDB research, I'm convinced that is actually wasn't him.

If anyone catches the episode with Henry Gibson playing a judge with a penchant for humiliating, extra-judicial sentences, I'm all up in those court scenes. I had to wear sweaters and hold a winter coat in my lap, since it was supposed to be winter in Boston.

I miss my Xbox. But I love L.A.!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The too-bookoo black guy in FMJ was played by Dorian Harewood. I haven't seen him in anything other than the Friedkin-directed Showtime "Twelve Angry Men."

12:14 PM  

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