Monday, October 11, 2004

Acceptance Speech

This is one of those warm glow days. We won the 24 hour film contest. Graham Avenue Films won the 24 hour film contest run by NYC Midnight. I can't believe it. An amazing film made at a dizzying pace. When they announced us as the winner, I was completely nervous and unprepared to deliver an acceptance speech and I would like to take a moment here to just name everyone who made two great films together.

The casts:

Hannah Bos - Agent Mandy/Leslie
Will Carlough - GoldenShower_Hotrod_76/Michael
Benjamin ELLIS Fine - Reporter/Tom
Celeste Balducci - Mom/Barbara
Seth Berkowitz - Agent Mark
Jennifer Johnson - The Minor
Paul Thureen - Voice of God/Partygoer
Matt Elkind - Voice of Base

The crew:

Will Carlough - Writer 'Welcome Back'/Producer of both
Matt Elkind - DP 'False Alarm'/Producer of both
Ian Savage - DP 'Welcome Back'
Pete Fonda - Sound/High-speed Driver
Jennifer Johnson - Gaffer 'False Alarm'
Diana Little - Grip 'Welcome Back'
Will Carlough - Musical Scores
Sydney Maresca - Costume Design/Props
Kayla Graffam - Edit Supervisor 'Welcome Back'

You're all AWESOME. More specifically, you're SUPER AWESOME. Really specifically, you all AN AWESOME movie make. Please let us work together much, much more. Here's to getting better at future acceptance speeches.


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