Sunday, October 10, 2004

Up for 40 Hours

Just finished a 24 hour movie contest last night at midnight, handing in the tape at 11:50, ten minutes before the hard deadline. A more surreal film, we may never have made. It's called Welcome Back and it'll be up at soon enough. My brain is throbbing and my house smells like White Castle. There's fake blood droplets splattered around my kitchen floor and when I look at clocks, I start to feel confused. I'm dying to know what the other filmmakers made - what film conventions they eschewed for time conservancy. My music edits are chunky and the sound mix is limited. But amidst all this chaos, it is clear the squad who made this film is more than sound - heroic efforts all around resulting in clear illustration of their cool heads and abundant skill. The screening starts at 330pm today.


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