Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nerdcake is chilling. Also, endorsing John Kerry.

I find myself oddly at ease with the upcoming election. I think it's just laziness - maybe just malaise with a dash of fatigue - but I'm totally not getting more nervous about the outcome as the date approaches. It could be the little kid in me that's thinking more about my birthday which falls two days after the election. If I need to consider it in those terms than perhaps I should acknowledge how somber my birthday might be with an election that swings the wrong way. I've heard tale of parties happening for electoral college countdowns - bearing mass witness to the crowning of the new president. I like that idea. It's like the oscars plus the world series plus the direction of the free world and it's televised.

Oh wait, I am nervous about it. Vote Kerry!

Speaking of televised, I wish I had cable so I could watch the daily show. These Jon Stewart appearances on Crossfire and 60 Minutes are not just very funny. They're articulate. Good for him. I normally just gnash my teeth and fold my arms in a huff when watching stuff like Crossfire. Good to know there are thinkers out there with a theory on why shows like that suck the integrity out of television. Did television ever have integrity? I'm making stuff up.

I hear Seth is coming back to NYC soon. Looking forward to some Halo2 upon return.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go get a haircut.


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