Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Fun-day!

Football is not my favorite sport, but I still tend to have some measure of internal anticipation for the zenith of the football season, Super Bowl Sunday, as if the day were about to bestow gifts upon me like it was Christmas. Although when I think about it, the actual zenith of the football season in my eyes tends to be the second week of the playoffs, where you've got two good games on Saturday and two good games on Sunday. And every once in a while my Jets manage to get that far. Rarely, but it happens.

What stood out about this go-around was that it was my first with a DVR. This enabled the pleasant ability to play video games for an hour while the game recorded in the background, after which I could begin to watch the game while fast forwarding between plays. I had no real rooting interest in the game, though my grandparents are Indianapolis residents and Colts fans, so I sort of hitched my wagon to the Colts. I remember how hapless they were back in the day, when Jeff George was their supposed up-and-coming savior. Ugh.

I hope these random thoughts from the proceedings don't sound too curmudgeony, like my uncle Samuel or something. Because we are different people.

1. I could watch Prince play guitar forever.

2. I'm no Adam Vinatieri hater, but it was fun to watch him miss one on the big stage, inconsequential as that miss turned out to be.

3. I'm not a fan of the advertising strategy in which undue importance is ascribed to a product that's easily available. Bud Light is cheap and plentiful. Apparently animals have had an unfulfilled hankering for beer as well, but what bearing should this have on my drinking decisions? And the idea of two or more people discussing the value of Sierra Mist is just laughable.

4. The Super Bowl is a great excuse to eat pizza and buffalo wings, a meal which proceeded to suck all the moisture from my body like some water parasite. I woke up in the middle of the night with a thirst akin to three days stranded in the desert.

5. We were graced with some of the most amateurish Super Bowl commercials of all time. The Doritos ads, seemingly submitted by aspiring filmmakers and fans of the tangy chip, were interesting if only for the rare opportunity to watch ugly people (by media standards) sell stuff on national TV. And Sales Genie... wow... just, wow.

6. Congratulations to Peyton Manning. Now I no longer have to hear about him... right?


Anonymous dianne said...

we should be so lucky.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Casimir said...

Prince should maybe think about living forever and playing all halftime shows and future birthday parties for my friends and I.

I think Jehovah would enjoy witnessing that.

10:54 AM  

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