Monday, January 01, 2007

What I Did On My Winter Vacation

First off, I'm a little jealous that Casimir was able to snag the .com while I was left with the crumbs of the .net. But who's complaining?

Now in my first year as a staff member at my current job (as opposed to freelance), I was fortunate enough to have the week between Christmas and New Year's off. It was splendid.

I ate filet mignon twice.

I went cross-country skiing on a ring of man-made snow in Vermont. The real thing was in short supply.

I defeated Marvel: Ultimate Alliance with the help of my friend Ben Fine. He played as Iron Man, I as Wolverine. Dr. Doom never knew what hit him.

I saw Spring Awakening with the lovely Susan. It was quite good... sort of like Rent, but with better music, and set in 1880's Germany. Our seats were actually on the stage, which was slightly unnerving. Susan tried to guess who seated among us were secretly cast members (it seemed inevitable, and certain individuals who were seated alone were suspiciously well-scrubbed and decked in earth-tones). The kid who sat next to me should have aroused our suspicion immediately when he made the previously humorless usher who showed us to our seats laugh with seeming ease, but he played us for fools, chatting with us a bit, saying he hadn't seen the show but he had been listening to the CD. When the show started, he kept tapping his feet to the music in a way that made the risers shake in a supremely annoying fashion. I considered asking him to stop, but was glad I hadn't when three songs into the show he whipped out a mic and started singing with the ensemble. Still, I hated his constant rhythmic stomping and the fact that he lied to us. Nice guy, though. But how would I know? ACTOR!

I recorded a new song called Ways and Means which you can hear here or here. This is the first one to have real drums on the recording. Forgive my somewhat sloppy timing... it's been a while.


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