Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quick Observation and Resolutions

My left finger fits snugly into my left eardrum. My right finger does not totally fit into my right eardrum.

Is this because my left finger is thinner/smaller than my right finger? Or because my right eardrum is thinner/smaller than my left eardrum? The fingers look the same size pointing next to each other. The eardrums look the same in the mirror.

I've tried getting the right finger into the left eardrum but the angle isn't conducive to a truly controlled experiment. I may never know the answer to this question. I may never not like not knowing.

My resolution for 2006 was to swim more and see more live concerts. I succeeded.

Best swimming of 2006: natural swimming area in upstate New York called Deep Hole. I first went there in May and felt so amazingly cold, I could think of nothing else but the low temperature. It obliterated my mind.

Best live show of 2006: Raekwon and Redman at BB Kings.

Resolutions for 2007: Get less parking tickets. See more films at Film Forum. Visit Alaska.


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