Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Hello from Utah.

I've been attending the Sundance film festival for the last couple days and for a couple more to come.

I'm making videos about the festival with my friends, Rafi, Dallas and Ian under the moniker: "Internets Celebrities."

We've been sent down here - by - to deliver 7 videos about the festival from Dallas and Rafi's perspective for the 7 days we're here. Thus far, we've delivered 3 on schedule and are locked up in our Main Street, Park City Hotel condo cutting the other 4.

It's fairly bananas to work this hard - turning out videos in 24 hours or less - but the burden eases with each successful output and posting. We try to go out full-force as much as we can but Ian and I end up having to switch off on the editing/shooting details to maximize our time.

Here are the celebrities we've interviewed/shouted at/filmed so far (in chronological order): Dustin Diamond, Jaime Kennedy, (the guy who plays Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore), Dakota Fanning, Chris Klein, the FBI agent who turns Big Pussy on the Sopranos, Keith David, Crispin Glover, Carl Lewis, and MC Hammer.

Every single one of them has been extremely good sports about being on camera. The 20 minutes of Hammertime I filmed was genuinely interesting. He was working on two laptops at once when we ran into him at an internet cafe. I can understand having two phones but I don't get why one uses two computers.

All right, back to editing.

If you'd like to see what we've done so far, go to and check out our daily videos.


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