Monday, September 06, 2004

Other Recommendations

I guess I'm in a recommendation mood. Here's another event I think is cool:

Greg Glassman's Jam Session
At Niagara - Avenue A and 7th St.
Every Tuesday night from 12AM - 330AM

I've been going intermittently to Greg's Jazz Jam sessions for several years and usually enjoying them in a detached, gosh, I wished I played an instrument kind of way. This last Tuesday - and from what I hear for many Tuesdays - it has taken on a real lively, accessible spirit. The line of musicians clamoring for the stage was inspiring to watch. They weren't pushy. They were supportive and making a fantastic illustration of the flexibility of Jazz music. A horn section of 5-7 horns (3 trumpets, a trombone, a couple saxes) and a flute waiting patiently for each other's solos was moving - both in the clear support of one another's turn in the spotlight and the fact that such songs exist with the room for so many parties. When the trumpets would burst subtly in the background with a series of hits while a sax meandered centerstage, it was of a unique harmony.

Also, cheers to my friend Tashi's animated drum-face. He took a rousing turn on the drums in tandem with a reknowned, equally animated pianist there that night. They grunted and squeezed and wrinkled and rippled in compelling efforts to sustain a thrillingly unwieldy tune. It's good to see people who are truly 'in it.'


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