Monday, September 06, 2004

Fight Nights

In essence, I avoided news and events for two days. While I imagined this decision would be cathartic, it wound up being more of a drain on my optimism. I find that I have to be connected to the daily polling and minutiae of the campaigning to keep my spirits up. But instead, I tried to escape, trying to ride out the Bush post-convention bounce with some serious video-game surrendering.

I don't play too many games anymore - but Elliot got me hooked for two days on Fight Night, an X-box, boxing match type dealio. It's unusual in that you control the boxing with variations on control stick swiveling only. The buttons are only for your special punch and your cheat punch (headbutt, low-blow). You get to build a fighter and follow his career (training, fight stores, trophy cases, scheduling fights, etc) as he moves up in the rankings. The middleweight I started from scratch struck fear into the hearts of his opponents with his moniker 'Baby Kittens' etched across his lime shorts. His green motif (hair, shorts, gloves, shoes) was in stark contrast to the other fighters pummeled routinely in my illustrious 8-hour career. I thought Mr. Kitten's success would ease the weight on my soul - like the occasional 2AM Big Mac taking the edge off a diet starting to work. It did give me a breather from being connected - but did I really need a respite from information? Still, it's a game I'd like to recommend - it had the least retina afterburn of any game I'd played recently as well.

Speaking of connected, an informed and eager friend of mine - Aram - is going out to Ohio to both encourage voters to vote AND to vote in Ohio himself. I had no idea you could declare residency so quickly and vote in a battleground state only a month or two before the election. I think it's sneaky. But I like it. A lot. In line with Seth's comments below about rising to the Republican challenge, why not go in search of the loopholes favoring the Democrats. Plus, if good-natured people like Aram are heading out to Ohio for this cause, there must be Red-Staters moving into places like New Mexico and Pennsylvania for a strategic Autumn rental.

I also mention this because Aram and his support network (Soundscape Education) are having a fundraiser for this cause on Thursday, September 9th. Check out this info:

Aram Rubenstein-Gillis/Soundscape Education
House Party/Fundraiser
on Thursday September 9th from 7-9 pm.
at 252 7th Avenue Suite 7W (on 7th avenue between 24th and 25th above Whole

Aram: 917 364 3734 OR

I'll be there and hopefully visiting them in Ohio for a couple days too. They welcome volunteers and donations and probably any kind of encouragement at all.


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