Friday, September 03, 2004


Okay, that was a big, smoking failure. I'm not mad at Republicans. I'm not mad at Democrats (maybe Zell Miller a smidge...)
I just felt yelly. I think I've been holding back a lot during this election season and letting go seemed like a nice respite from restraint. But I'm over it. Even keel. Back on my meds. Let's talk about something else.

On the subject of the Sea Dragon, I used to go to county fairs a lot (Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, etc). Having never been on a roller coaster in all my days gone, the back and forth rides that swing you up and off the ground were the extent of my brushes with amusement park mutilation. Strangely, I never felt nervous on them - though I recall thinking the mechanism at work in my seat-restraint was somewhat precarious. If I or the ride did break away, I'd survive the fall and just coast onto a nearby big tent, bounce once, backflip and applause. 10 year olds are brilliant.

I also went to Great Adventure a lot with my grandparents who never wanted to take me on anything worse than the Pirate Ship (the sea dragon equivalent). Actually, I think they parked me in the ride and watched from a safe distance. Or maybe they left me in it for hours and got drunk on GA Cosmos. Haha. Hmm. Sob. Being on a ride by yourself is a uniquely lonesome exhilaration. I was also at Great Adventure one time when someone was decapitated on the roller coaster. Or at least, I've convinced myself of being there for that episode - lending credence to my fear of truly death-defying experiences at amusement parks. Is that the saddest, most useless way to die? I think it might be... Choking on gum? Getting stuck in a sewage grating? Falling out of a small tree but bouncing off a rock and rolling into a chasm? What other deaths are people trying to avoid?

I hear you're moving to Los Angeles.
Please elaborate.


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