Monday, May 01, 2006

Better than I thought

I just swept/cleaned/looked behind my couch for the first time in 3.4 years. And you know what?

It wasn't that bad.

There were some quarters and a penny, a moderate amount of dust, a few toenails, a subscription renewal card for the New Yorker and some rubber bands. The dust was thick but in the end, it only amounted to one trip to the garbage can.

I had been putting this operation off for some time. I suppose I was scared of what I might find. The last time I cleaned behind a couch was two apartments ago when my housemates and I were moving out. We found forty oz. bottles, a previously thought stolen pair of my favorite sneakers (which I wore for a couple weeks before I psychologically buckled), gluesticks, copious amounts of grime (a term I reserve for moist dust), hardcover and paperback books, a t-shirt, tennis balls, an amazing spectrum of grey and brown carpeting, some spaghetti - the list goes on. It was almost like someone had been living under there.

That couch rendering resulted in a beautiful purge but I think you can see why I might have been reluctant to explore the same space in my current apartment. This time, It was indeed better than I thought it would be.

Despite conventional wisdom, on this one occasion, I take comfort in my laziness and procrastination being justified.


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