Monday, October 24, 2005

Jay-Z, Mrs. Pac-Man, and Hepatitis!

What do those three things have in common?

I was in proximity to all of them this weekend!

(Awkward pause)

Friday night, I went to a friend of a friend's birthday party at the 40/40 club, Jay-Z's spot on 25th St. Accordingly, I didn't know anyone but my friend and spent a lot of time nodding to some hits and watching bigscreen ESPN. I expect to get hassled anytime I go to a club. You know, for my guns and knives. Or in reality, I just wear sneakers a lot and clubs tend to frown on the lazy, comfortable dresser. But Jayhovah is looking out for the casual clubgoer and those bouncers welcomed us with open arms. And by open arms, I mean wildly expensive drinks. But that didn't stress me either. Actually, I expected nothing less and thought the expensive drinks completed the experience. Buckets of PBR would have been nice but they wouldn't have gone with the throwbacks nor bathroom attendant. Drinkwise, I had the 40/40 which cost 12 dollars and is like a milkshake but in a martini glass. The party was in the Jay-Z lounge which had a bigscreen TV and hip hop blasting out of NICE speakers. I like me a club that rocks some loud hip-hop that's easy on the treble and thusly, easier to talk over. The club is named for the few baseball players that have hit forty homeruns and stolen forty bases in the same season. This shortlist includes Jose Canseco who is now one of the most reviled players in baseball for his glib outing of the league's steroid users. It was funny to be at a club that was celebrating a once artificially dominant athlete who also happens to be one of the most recent members of the Surreal Life. But then again, Flavor Flav was on the Surreal Life and he's my homey.

Hepatitis? That was Saturday night. I screened a movie on a boat! Have you seen this movie recently? It's nuts. I'm super proud of it as much for the liberating unreality of it as the stormy weekend that tested our production. Anyway, there were two other films shown there. The last one - Lavender Lake - was a fifty minute documentary about the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn (where the boat we were in was floating). It was a great doc, shot on film, and paced lovingly. The canal that everyone was stepping over to get in this boat-party was explained to have at various polluted times in its life carried things like strains of Typhus, Hepatitis and the odd fellow late on his loanshark payments. Good party with good borscht though! It rained heavily during the movies and made me feel like I was at camp - slightly nauseous camp but camp.

Sunday, I fucked up Mrs. Pac-Man! Well, I ate a lot of ghosts and you know... ROCKED the high score on the missus at BarCade. Normally, I wouldn't feel the need to report this showing of truly uninspiring skill, but I thought that the triptych that was this weekend would make for colorful juxtaposition. If you haven't been to Barcade in Williamsburg, consider it recommended. My favorite games there: Arkanoid, Crystal Castles, Moon Patrol (which is motherfucking hard) and of course the lady Pac-Man. Games that I once thought were great but are not: Dig-Dug, Beserk, Punch-Out (but only because I can't dodge to save my life).

How was your weekend?


Anonymous diana said...

Pac-man and his lady may be married, but since her introduction in 1982 that ravenous female character has always been known as MS. Pac-man. Which is kind of oxymoronic when you think about it. Why not avoid the trouble of having her take her mate's name and call her Pac-woman, or even Pac-chik?

3:12 PM  
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