Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Music Video

Aaron Hill has a new music video I'd like to invite you to see.

Check out Misanthrope.

It's about a ghost haunting a photo booth in a bar.

I directed it.
Kayla Graffam produced it.
Matt Elkind shot it.
Matthew Boccaccio edited it.
Andrew Ulanoff did the graphics.
Oliver Butler was the AD.
Jennifer Johnson and Jamie Northrup were the gaffers.
Paul Nelson was the best boy electric.
Nicole Emmons was the key grip.
Sydney Maresca did the costumes.
Sigal Arad Inbar was the art director.
Cecilia Traini was the set designer.
Mindy Pearmon and Jennifer Suarez did the make-up.
Jonny McNair, Pam Rappaport, Nadia Hajidin and Marc Corsiglia were the PAs.

Mickie Spencer, Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen, Brian Grosz, Benjamin Ellis Fine, Oliver Butler, Cory Feldman, Susan Stewart, Sydney Maresca, Will Carlough, Andy Dickerson, Eugene Cho (who also made the real photo strips), Erin Edmison, Diana Little, Maura Madden, Celeste Balducci, Greg Glassman, Brooke Nessit, Tashi Kaiser were up in it.

Nice work, everyone!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Another office tip that I can offer involves the roof. I work in midtown and previously thought roof access was categorically forbidden. In fact, it's there to be found and explored. Getting 22 floors above my windowless office has been therapeutic.

I met a woman at a party who recently completed jury duty. As it turns out, she was serving alongside a former employee in the building. He told her of the secret path to the New York City skyline - involving an elevator AND a door! It was inspiring to find a new space and easily get up there. Aside from a few lawyers who look out on the roof, it's pretty isolated. The lack of cigarette butts makes me think no one is taking advantage of it. Their loss.

Here's what I'm recommending: Get on your building's roof, have some decaf and throw a paper airplane off the edge.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Socks. Carpeting.

If you can, I recommend taking your shoes off at work.

It changes everything.