Friday, July 15, 2005

Shut Up & Make Out

So a couple months ago, The Hazzards and I were, you know, talkin' and we were like, man it'd be fresh to make a video for Shut Up & Make Out - which is a super funny song The Hazzards wrote.

Then we were like, oh, you know what would be double fresh? If we could get a lot of people to make out in the video.

Well, we made that video. A lot of great people made out in it. And a lot of great people collaborated on its production including your nerdcake bloggers, Seth - who did the storyboards - and me, Casimir - who directed it.

I'm very proud of the experience, and the final product which is now... online.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

Last Night

I bought a pineapple, a whole pineapple, then sat down and ate the entire thing. By the last quarter of it, my mouth was burning, I suppose from all the citric acid. Those last few bites were the hardest.