Monday, April 04, 2005

Creatures From the Mesozoic

A truly monstrous silverfish appeared on our bathroom ceiling yesterday. Susan alluded to it in the morning, and I proceeded to let it wait there for the entire day, hoping it would magically disappear. Even more impressively, it stayed in that spot until late that night, when we called the cats into the bathroom, and I knocked it down with a broom. It had an impressive mane of hair, and was kind of grotesquely beautiful. Toby, our male cat, devoured it. He did manage to leave a single leg behind on the floor, which went on twitched for a good three minutes until it was picked up via paper towel.

I uploaded a new song, The Sound of a Woebegotten Misanthrope, to the Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard site. Sounds like a Smiths title, doesn't it.

Oh yeah, my EP Face of the Astronaut is available at CD Baby. Go get it!


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