Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dollar Bet

There's been a lot of BAD sci-fi/comic adaptation movies birthed recently. Hellboy. Elektra. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But not Constantine. No, ma'am. I've got a good feeling about this one. I've got such a good feeling about it, I have engaged in a dollar bet regarding its quality. The way the dollar bet works is I win a dollar from Will and Matt is it is good. They win dollars from me if it is bad.

The dollar bet can be used to spruce up any potentially boring, awkward or unrelated situation. If two people want to see different movies, you can use the dollar bet as a means to justify seeing both - probably bad - movies in one sitting. We all know gambling makes everything more interesting. And if you're worried about losing, you can always put off seeing the movie in question thereby never having to make good on the dollar owed to your betting partner. For instance, I bet Will that Gangs of New York was going to be better than Catch Me If You Can. After seeing Gangs of New York, I realized I'd be short one dollar once I got to see the latter film. So I put it off for a year - during which time I managed to win at least one other dollar bet - and never actually had to pay. So Ha!

But I've got a good feeling about Constantine. Oh yeah. Keep in mind, it only has to be 51% good for me to collect that dollar.
I know there's going to be some tough hurdles including a spunky sidekick (-10%), a fashionably contemporary hard rock score (-15%), an americanization of a truly british character (-10%) and probably a couple of other attributes that could go both ways. But damn, the movie can fail. It just has to have the smallest of majorities in the positive column.

Also, betting on subjective events really adds a new dimension to gambling. It's not about winning a poker hand. It's not about a horse finishing first. You only win if the person you're betting against sees the thing in question the same way you do. I'd like to see more bets like this. Dollar bets on whether the Mona Lisa is as good as people say it is. Dollar bets on whether you're in love. Dollar bets on whether the host of the party will be charming. Dollar bets on who had a more fun childhood. Dollar bets on whose afterlife will be more satisfying. Plus, in these inflationary times, it really brings one closer to the dollar - a currency currently being victimized in most regions of the world.

But back to Constantine... Who else wants in on this action?


Anonymous doc grosz said...

I'll bet you a dollar that I actually liked Hellboy.

(Is that how this works?)

11:09 AM  
Blogger Casimir said...

it's basically existentialist betting. Gambling on states of mind. For instance: I'll bet you a dollar that your liking of Hellboy is wrong. Very meta.

1:17 PM  

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