Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tonight Some Nights Ago

That's me pointing my finger at Jay Leno on August 10th's Tonight Show. I was in mid-joke there and got a nice laugh shortly thereafter. I swear.

My Crying, While Eating co-creator Daniel Engber and myself were flown out to Los Angeles for an appearance on the same show as Seann William Scott and Aqualung as well as some beach games with Stuttering John to talk about our website, Crying While Eating It was a whirlwind of nice hotels, limo rides, pre-show jitters and post-show adrenalin withdrawal. S. W. S. - super friendly. He actually jumped in during our chat a couple times and diffused some awkward moments. Aqualung - damn nice as well in the post-show, on-air meet & greet. While they were playing, we were all standing on the edge of the stage. Truly, I was trying to listen but kept finding myself distracted by my brain's instant replay: "Fuck! Did I say THAT? Man I hope I didn't sound like an idiot," were just a few of the thoughts running through my over-stimulated mind. Still, what little of the song I parsed, I found catchy. Jay Leno - We had a knuckle-cracking contest that he handily won while we shot promos for the show we had just taped. He couldn't believe we hadn't made any money off of our website. I wish I could say I share his disbelief. As I said on the show (after trying it out backstage), we are terrible businessmen. I have now used that joke three times. I will get some new material and report back.

To everyone who watched: Thanks!


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