Monday, February 11, 2008

And Another Thing

I don't like it when I get a ticket AND a green sticker put on my car's back window.

I feel like it should be one or the other. I know the parking ticket police work independently of the sticker-crazy street cleaners but the two penalties seem like overkill for an infraction that inconveniences no one except the giant sweepers' ability to swirl about the dust of the gutters. Would you notice the difference if a street cleaner serviced a street or didn't? I suspect you would not. Does it have vacuum capabilities? It looks like all it does is brush the dirt and grit into the center of the road for cars to naturally disperse to other gutters. Maybe a moving about of dirt and grit is all we require for the illusion of clean streets to be maintained.

Putting the sticker on the window at the edge of your blind spot is also just barely dangerous. If I felt the need to sticker up an offender, I'd put it on the body of the car. That way, it serves the same scarlet letter purpose but without the lane-changing obstruction.

Or better yet, I'd just think to myself that the $45 dollar fee was punishment enough for not being able to find a legal spot in your heavily trafficked neighborhood. I always assumed the alternate side of the street parking rules were really put into effect for the parking ticket revenue generation. Maybe I'm underestimating the effect of good street cleaning. Maybe it's just the month of peeling away that green sticker talking.

It is also possible that these are small fees to pay (all the tickets and the stickers) for having a car amidst such a wealth of public transportation. I have my car here so that I can better make movies and carry around gear but I do certainly use it to avoid the late night G train ride when I don't feel like waiting on a platform. The G isn't even that bad.


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