Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Misanthrope. Rooftop. Saturday. August 5th

Aaron Hill & The Crimson Guard's new video "Misanthrope" will be making its bigscreen debut this Saturday night (August 5th) at Rooftop Films. It's part of their cryptically themed shorts program entitled Trapped Inside the Machine. Rooftop has been doing great work this summer and dollars to donuts, they'll come through again with perhaps the most ambitiously themed shorts program of any film festival around.

For an example of the type of creepiness you can expect this Saturday, see the film from this program Salon.com recently posted here.

The show starts at 9PM in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the lawn of Automotive High School. I'm going to be there. I hope you can make it and that we can get some drinks afterwards too.


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